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This innovative tech company is launching a satellite to take on the Government GPS monopoly
Decentralized Location Technology


Over 60,000 people have already joined the movement. Here's why.

A photo of the team and over 700 investors who flocked to San Diego, California on November 9th, 2018 for a breakthrough technology reveal.
Trending Now | 2019.02.04

By Jenn Perez

Writer & Contributor, FASTGROWINGTECH
Jennifer Perez is a former Los Angeles Times reporter who covers fast-growing tech, innovative projects and more

The scariest threat to the human race is not A.I., nuclear war, or robots...

It's GPS.


In this article published by Bloomberg, US Representative John Garamendi made a chilling statement:

“GPS is the single point of failure for the entire modern economy. No cellphone, no ATM machine will work.”

Guess who owns this system, your location data and your safety?

The world's governments.

And guess what that means?

It means YOU get to pay for it!

In the US alone, GPS costs taxpayers $2 million per day!

Not only does this system have high costs, it also has many other weaknesses.

With GPS, faking your location, which is referred to as "spoofing", is an incredibly easy thing to do. There are YouTube videos where 14-year-olds teach their friends how to spoof GPS!


Kids spoof their locations while playing the popular game Pokémon Go allowing them to fool the game's servers into rewarding them with rare Pokémon.

But the risks of GPS are much more serious than capturing Pokémon.

Terrorist hackers know about these vulnerabilities.

A US Department of Defense military leader exclaimed, "The number one thing that keeps me up at night is how much the human race relies on the GPS system, when really they shouldn't."

So when something does happen to our GPS system, it could cause massive fatalities.

Banks would grind to a halt.

Thousands of people who are in need of immediate medical attention, would find themselves in real trouble.

Self-driving vehicles flying down the freeway would stop working.

Pilots carrying hundreds of passengers would have to rely on nothing more than than their own two eyes, radar and a compass.

That said, fixing the GPS system is a huge task that would take decades and upgrading 24 satellites already orbiting in space.

Not to mention a cost well into the hundreds of billions, as well as transitioning industries and consumers to this new standard.

It’s incredibly unlikely. After all, why would our government who holds all the control, fix something that isn't broken...yet?

We've already seen how our government handles the DMV, Medicare, and Social Security.

One innovative tech company called XY has an answer to the looming GPS threat and it's called XYO.

XY actually started as a location hardware company in 2012 with just 7 employees.

But thanks to the meteoric rise of XYO, it now boasts over 75 brilliant computer scientists, hardware geniuses, and PhD researchers.

Part of our core team works at XYO, but we're not excited about them for that reason alone!

Over the past several years, XY has quietly built over 1 million tiny location beacons that help you find and track your lost items.

Attach one to your keys or even your pet, and the mobile app will send a signal to alert you where they (or Charlie) are hiding.

What the brilliant minds at XYO, a division of XY are doing, is bridging the exciting new technology called decentralized tech with the real world by tapping into these location beacons.

The result is the world’s first location-based, trustless, decentralized oracle network that rewards you for using it.



Bridged with decentralized technology, these tiny location beacons transform into "geominers".

Geominers or Sentinels as they're also called, run off of Bluetooth.

Because of that, it gives them a long battery life of up to 5 years without you ever needing to charge them.

When a Sentinel comes in contact with another one nearby, they communicate by sharing anonymous location data with one another.

As these Sentinels move around the real world, they are collecting data from hundreds, potentially even thousands of other Sentinels.

When a Sentinel comes in contact with an internet-connected device called a Bridge, this data is then shared across the XYO Network.


Thanks to a special app, you can also use your phone as a Bridge while you're on the go!

And similar to how early adopters were able to mine digital currencies by crunching inputs, you are then rewarded with the fast-growing digital currency XYO for helping verify the location of other Sentinels!

Here's why this is a big deal...

At the time of writing this, XYO is in the top 1% of digital currencies worldwide and quickly growing!

Perhaps even more exciting is XY, the company powering the XYO Network, qualified for the SEC's Reg A+ Equity offering.

Thanks to this special qualification, it's possible for anyone (not just big shot venture capital funds) to claim a stake in the company powering the world's first decentralized location network.

When you invest in XY and the future of location technology, you receive the same reports and financial statements one traditionally EXPERIENCES only from mature, late-stage U.S. public companies.

This means...

  • Audited financial statements from trusted third-party accounting firms
  • Regular filings and updates previously only available to public companies
  • A fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of shareholders at all times

Plus, everyone who joins the XY family gets the chance to own the XYO Geomining kit that rewards you for using it!


Bottom line: Owning XY Equity provides you with exposure to the lucrative opportunities of this incredibly exciting space.

And if that's not enough, you get to stay involved in their journey through regular filings, shareholder letters and audited financials!

For a project to have this level of oversight and accountability, is unprecedented and a major win for people everywhere.

In fact, XYO is so far down the line technologically, they're launching a satellite in late 2019 called the EtherX on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket!


Imagine someone lives in a very small town of 400 people.

They can't wait to start geomining and earning the digital oil of tomorrow, XYO, but they’re the only person in town who has Sentinels!

So, how are you going to link these different mesh networks together?

Through satellites.

Satellites will enhance the XYO network, making it even more robust, reliable and connected.

It's because of this big vision that XYO has attracted big names like Charlie Shrem, digital currency pioneer and founder of one of its most prestigious foundations.

Their hardware genius "Binary Bill" holds 3 US patents and grew a small startup into a $100 million business.

XYO was also featured on the front-page business section of the San Diego Union-Tribune after partnering with real estate giant RE/MAX.


They've even announced partnerships with ESRI, the world's leading geographic information systems (GIS) provider, and the FedEx Institute of Technology.

There is some bad news, however...

XY is limited by the SEC to sell only $50 million in equity to the public.

This means that once this amount of XY Equity is sold out, you won't be able to purchase directly from the team and at the current lowest possible price per share ever again.

We recommend purchasing directly from the team for one major reason...

When you purchase XY Equity from the official website, 100% of the funds go directly towards developing the XYO Team and Technology.

Alternatively, if you were to purchase through a third party, your money just goes to flippers, traders and speculators.

And, if XY were to go public in the near future, you could pay many times higher than the current share price!

Editor's Update

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